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We have been bringing Galway the best Value & Expertise for 25 years. It is extremely important when you decide to use Sunbeds, to find a person who really knows their stuff. One only has to google search Sunbed mistakes to see the extensive amount of bad days people have had. When you are talking to a person with over 20 years under his belt, you can be certain he is an expert and will get you great results. Come and Talk to us today for expert advice




Most products you find in any Pharmacy, beauty shop, or even large shopping facilities use cheap, harmful ingredients known as mineral oils. They actually have many names such as mineral oil, paraffin, petroleum, white oil, and a few others. Mineral oil is actually a by-product of the refining process where crude oil is refined into gasoline. They then purify it to many different levels. Skin Care manufacturers then buy it and make their products with it as a main ingredient. It is actually cheaper for the companies to sell it than dispose of it. This is why you see these bottles so cheap. But why is mineral Oil so bad. Mineral particles are too large to be absorbed by the skin, so they just sit on top blocking your skin up and stopping anything from getting out. Your skin must release toxins. This then will cause the skin to exfoliate unevenly which leads to a uneven tan. It is important get a nice even tan and these oils block this process. Talk to our expert today about our excellent range of products in our Salon




When using tanning products, you need to buy quality ingredients. Many Salons sell cheap Inferior products that do little to help. We here at Tropical Paradise advise the use of high grade natural products. Yes, they are a little more expensive but the result are major and when you are dealing with the largest organ in the body, your skin; you need to go a little further to get the best results. These natural products are specifically formulated to intensify the tanning process. They use such ingredients as Taurine and Tyrosine. We have a great selection of Quality products here in our Salon. Please feel free to have a look any-time




People are given the wrong information all the time, even by Tanning Salons we find. You do not need to burn to tan! You do not want to be red because that is a burn, not a tan! Burning Damages your skin and shortens the life of your tan! Stop burning, talk to our experts today. We cannot express ourselves any more on this topic. Way too often we get clients that are convinced that they need to burn to tan. No Pain no Gain they think. This is NOT true. If you cannot get a nice tan without burning then you should not be trying. We also encounter people who think they need a little red after a tanning session. This is OVER EXPOSURE. Please avoid this




When you are tanning, there is nothing more important than moisturizing your skin. Dry skin will not tan and can prevent up to 50% of the light from getting through. Dry skin is more vulnerable to the breakdown of collagen and elastin which speeds up the aging process. That is why it is very important to moisturize before and after tanning along with a healthy routine of before bed and when you wake up. You should also moisturize after a shower, bath or swimming. Keep your skin healthy




We can help you reach your tanning goals. Please feel free to stop in or call for some tanning advice. We want to make sure you are tanning correctly and safely. It is very important to take care of your skin and here at Tropical Paradise we are passionate about your skin. So drop in today and get the right advice




We know the right products to stock. Australian Gold. Have a look at our great list of great products for your best Tanning Experience

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